About Jack

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Jack Hyde is a British actor who has studied and worked in the acting industry since he was 6 years old. He has mainly acted in short films, commercials and music videos and in some theatre performances.

Jack was born on the 6th July 1994 in Tokyo, Japan, but relocated to Singapore a year later and has lived in Singapore ever since. His love for the craft of acting started when he was 6 years old when he attended Centre Stage School of the Arts. There, he performed in popular and well-known performances, like Lord of the Flies, Our Day Out and Living with Lady Macbeth. He was also given the opportunity to work with dedicated and wonderfully-talented actors and directors, like Alison Tompkins, Daniel Jenkins and Andy Tear.

While at Centre Stage, Putnam Trumbull, a film student who was studying at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, saw Jack in one of his performances and decided to cast him in his new and upcoming film, Stick Boy. This was Jack’s very first short film and it was well received by the audience. It won the Voice Award at the 4th Singapore Short Film Festival Awards in 2008. Very soon, a lot of other emerging film students at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, including Jordan Schiele, who directed Prank, cast Jack to act in their films.

After 11 fantastic years at Centre Stage and passing his IGCSEs, Jack left and signed a contract to pursue his studies in acting at LASALLE College of the Arts for 3 years. At LASALLE, not only did he study acting, he also studied singing, music, dance and mixed martial arts. He graduated 3 years ago from LASALLE with a Performance Diploma and, ever since his graduation, he has acted in various films, music videos, commercials and plays. His most significant and well-known projects and productions that he has acted in after graduating are Equals (starring Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart and directed by Drake Doremus), 7UP Feels Good to be You (which has won 4 major film awards for Best Commercial/Infomercial in Los Angeles and directed and written by Imran Khan and Chris Vennemeyer), Sound of Music at Marina Bay Sands (uncomfortably, his character was a Nazi Soldier) and Sisters on Wire’s Take My Hand Music Video.

He has received three acting nominations; two for Best Actor for Hammer:Man and Eradicate, and one for Best Supporting Actor for Hocus Pocus. He won the iPop 2nd Runner Up Medal in the Best Male Adult Monologue Competition 2016 in Los Angeles. His most recent accomplishment was winning the Los Angeles Film Award for Best Indie Short for Monstrosity, a film that he acted in, wrote and produced with James Rowlins.

While he is currently living in Singapore, he is also ready for international work. He is determined to become the most hardworking, successful, passionate and motivational actor he dreams to be.


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